How to use AnimationController in editor

When I add an new AnimationController component into the scene I find no attributes of it… the atrribute inspector panel is empty.
How can I use this to controll the animation?

AnimationController doesn’t expose the animations it’s playing in a meaningful way that would be editable; instead it’s meant to be called from code.

You can make a little helper script and attach it to the same node; by live-editing the animationName string you can make it play animations, when the scene update is running, for example:

class AnimationTest : ScriptObject
    String animationName;

    void Update(float timeStep)
        AnimationController@ ctrl = node.GetComponent("AnimationController");
        ctrl.PlayExclusive(animationName, 0, true);

That makes sense!
I’d try your suggestion, thank you very much!