How to use debug geometry?

I probably miss something obvious, but anyway…

I want to display axes position at runtime for a set of bone nodes. How could I do this?
Also, I want to display quaternion rotation axes, any ideas?

I try to AddNode to DebugRendered but I don’t see anything displayed on screen.
Also how to display quaternion/rotation si there some widget? I want to display local coordinate system
represented by quaternion (no node in this case).

It looks I miss something findamental about DebugRenderer…

Probably you miss that Debug Renderer is ‘stateless’, so your AddNode is not kept among frames

is there some sequence required for proper display of debug geometry?

You shall add all primitives you want to draw not later that E_BEGINVIEWRENDER event come.

Should I add them in special event handler or I can do that anywhere on the path?