How to use Logic: SplinePath?

I have 3d level, it mean that AI should move in all 3-dimensions. And for this 3d navigation on map for my ai-enemies i spawn a many empty nodes on map with vars (ai=1) then a get they in code and set as waypoints in enemy::LogicComponent.

And recently i saw splinePath and add it to ai root node but not find any possibility to manipulate with path in editor.
Perhaps i wrong and its only for in code purpose.

Any way) I want know how SplinePath working ?

Perhaps I misunderstood the question, but you can drag nodes from the hierarchy to the Node ID fields of a spline path and then affect the path with those nodes.

that’s what I did with splines

PODVector<Node*> aiWaypoints_;
SharedPtr botSplinePath_;

Node* aiNode_ = scene_->GetChild("AI", true);
botSplinePath_ = bot_->GetComponent<SplinePath>();

for (int i = 0; i<aiWaypoints_.Size(); i++) 
void GameMain::UpdateBotPosition(float timeStep) 
	if (botSplinePath_->IsFinished()) botSplinePath_->Reset();

I just tried to understood how they worked
And how can I use them to move the bots