Human rigged 3d Model creation

Hello comunity !!!

Is there a program/tool to help in the creation of a realistic human rigged 3d Model? I also need the animations, or in a failure of this first question a good website with this kind of resources? Thank you in advance !!

For the human. Perhaps the most generic answer makehuman.
For the animation. Perhaps the most generic answer (again) mixamo.

And that’s where your story ends. Unless you have that $$$ to waste. You didn’t mention whether it’d be free or not, so. It’s always that trade-off between time to do it your self or money to make someone else do it. Either by direct or indirect means.


Thank you @S.L.C !!!
I already know makehuman, but i dont know how to put the models clothes, mixamo i didnt knew it i will try it, yep i have some money to waste, as long as the model has all those requirements already and good quality. Thank you !!

Mixamo is a great place to start! The auto-rigger is not too bad if your character is a biped in a T pose. Being able to upload your own (rigged, or not) models is nice too.

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As an artist I hurl at the sight of Maximo rigs. It’s the Google Sketchup of character animation.


As a non artist, its one of the few lifelines that i can use to attract artists to my cause, royalty free

wiki docs:
Apparently, features include proxy fitting for hair, clothing, et al.


MB-Lab asset license is AGPL

Wow that one is cool, saves a lot of work !!! Thank you everyone and also @jmiller

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