Importing empties from blender file

I was wondering if it would be possible to import empty nodes from blender file? I have used the path blender -> collada -> urho with assetimporter, and it seems to strip away all empty nodes. If I try to add mesh with no vertex or only one vertex, it also takes that away as well.

I would like to use blender as a world editor, so adding stuff like spawning points etc. would be quite nice feature, but currently I cannot figure out a way to do so. As for using collada exporter, from my testing, it seems to be working the best for importing scenes from blender.

This should be doable. However the only information you get out of the assimp node is the pos/rot/scale, and name. So you would likely have to encode “meaning” like spawnpoint into the node name.

That would definitely work. Using some naming conventions to encode the meaning like you said, such as: “Spawn_Player_01”, then going through whole scene hierarchy and doing some pattern matching to find all the possible spawn points.