Improved CharacterController

Currently character slightly sliding when stay on non-horizontal surface

Small fix for it (

void FixedUpdate(float timeStep)

        if (softGrounded &&
            okToJump && moveDir == Vector3::ZERO) // if user pressed no keys (space and arrows)
            body.useGravity = false;
            // Stop bouncing from ground when gravity disabled.
            Vector3 fixedSpeed = body.linearVelocity;
            fixedSpeed.y = 0.0f;           
            body.linearVelocity = fixedSpeed;
            body.useGravity = true;

        // Reset grounded flag for next frame
        onGround = false;

I do not send PR becose Iā€™m not sure this is completely correct. Also still problem with flying character when he run up or down on slope. May be need entirely different approach like