Infested : a survival horror and investigation game


As others have said, very impressive ! Hard to believe it was done solo in such a short time :astonished:


Thanks ! Unfortunatelly polishing and designing takes a lot of time.I finished the complete “pseudo design” of the whole level and now i need to make extreme amount of models and details… But i love it :smiley:

16:9 resolution test. The gui adapts itself to all resolutions.
Also the hud is now fully functional (health and infection bar both decreases if player takes hit and lerps to red color)


Changed the animations , now looks way better.(the scene here uses ultra low lightmaps so sorry for the lightmapping artifacts)


finished the “MoviePlayer” class , which plays skinned and transform animations together for cutscenes.Tested it with some mocap animations and looks cool.


Just a small test of cutscene player.The doll’s animation is a bit jerky but that’s what i have right now :slight_smile:



I like alpha mask way better than transparent meshes ! So much opportunity and its out of box solution. Even combined it with lightmaps and works great.
I made textures and lighting darker and desaturated everything a bit.Designing Resident evil style puzzle solving levels is way more harder than i thought… I worked mostly on FPS and tps levels which are lot easier to design.

vegetation (constant ambient / no lightmaps)

Girders (Alpha mask + lightmap)


:cry: I’ve been seriously hunting for how to use alpha mask


I am an indie developer too. It is incredible to make such a demo in 6 months by just one developer. That’s mazing!

I’m quite curious about how you make this. How much effort is spent on the art? And how much is spent on coding? Do you use Urho3d exclusively? AFAIK urho3d’s editor is not strong enough, did you invent something specialized editor for your game? What 3d modeling and animation software do you use? Human animation is quite difficult, did you use motion capture solution? It’s not usual to see a developer with strong coding, modeling and animation skills. Awesome!

By the way, I think you can put your demo to kickstarter for more support.


Thanks !

Well i started the project in 2014 october. My first choice was Irrlicht (i didn’t heard about Urho3D back then).Unfortunately after a short period of time i realized i will have trouble with it… I had to write everything from scratch.In few months i had sucessfully implemented the :

  • Sound (DirectSound or Audiere)
  • Particle Engine (SPARK2)
  • Navigation Mesh (My own code from scratch using stdlib only)
  • Scripting (My own code using stdlib only)
  • Gui (My own code using Irrlicht’s 2d drawing functions and a INFElement2d base class.Similar to Urho’s UI except the quad vertex/index buffers were allocated dynamically so there was no batching.Actually it was quite primitive but it worked pretty well.I had checkboxes , buttons , tabs)
    After everything was in alpha state i threw together the fundamentals of the game engine itself to test it.
    Well it was very dissapointing… Without offending anyone , Irrlicht was a nice library in 2003… but the lack of modern Hardware support literrally killed the whole project.The worst part was the Skinning which ran on CPU.It was extremely slow… With 5 enemies and with ultra low resolution shadow mapping i had around 30 fps… It was dreadful. Also the built in stencil shadow was ultra slow and useless XEffects was a bit faster but had some issues with the OGL driver.In paralell i started to write a scene exporter for 3ds max which worked perfectly (and still does… i’m using it for Urho) .

So after a lot of struggling : Finding out audiere is linux and window only , SPARK2 was abandoned , NavMesh needed extra features (Offmesh connections , Extra optimisations for dinamic objects , etc) , lack of proper shadow mapping , lack of hardwareSkinning , hardware instancing , No xml support for gui (it was PITA designing GUI from c++) i just abandoned the whole project because it was too much for one developer… Not to mention the code i wrote was huge , and was really hard to have all that giant chunk of code under control…in the meantime various depressing posts have showed up in the irrlicht forums with titles such as “Is irrlicht Dead?” “Is irrlicht outdated?”… So i just put the project on the shelf and wait until i find some other engine. And i did !! In 2015 i found Urho3D.After i tested it i fell in love with it immediately ! It was a fast modern GAME engine with all feateures i need , it was open source and it was extremely easy to setup and use.

So i had to code everything from scratch but this time i could work on the game itself rather than writing a whole game engine from scratch which is a bad idea if you work alone :smiley:… At this point i had 0 models/levels/textures/sounds ready so i had to start to design levels and make textures.
Most of the time i use 3ds max.I’m using it at least 10 years now , so i feel really home in it’s interface. For textures i use Photoshop , GIMP , and in some rare cases CorelDRAW.
For the animations i use 3ds max and most of the animations are made by hand (once i worked on a small fighting game so i have some experience with hand made animations) But for cutscenes i use Motion Capture (There are tons of them for free.Unfortunately most of them are dirty so you have to clean them first to eliminate twitching but after that they look quite nice)

So thats the story of the game in nuthshell :smiley: i had to code it twice but this time i will finish it , thanks to the wonderful Urho3D !

Well i thought about that , and maybe once i reach some of the important milestones i will ! Actually this supposed to be a fangame so i think it fits more in crowd funding area rather than selling it on steam.

Hi ! Well it is just a standard material with a *AlphaMask technique.Since it is a fake transparency and can be rendered as a normal material , all your sorting/overlapping headaches will disappear once you start using it :smiley: Define LIGHTMAP in the technique and put lightmap in emissive unit and voila you have lightmapped alpha mask


Finally tested the dynamic light + static lightmaps combinations.AND WORKS BEAUTIFULLY !
The issue mentioned here : topic1105.html
The problem is that lights are additive so baked lighting will become extremely bright if one more additive pass is applied (dynamic lights).The solution is to bake the indirect lighting only and use dynamic lights for direct lighting.The result is awesome :


Awesome job blending dynamic and static lighting - these new images look great! Personally, I thought the previous posted images looked a bit dark, and now, wow the difference is night and day.


Awesome ! did you plan to release a single demo ? and can you speak about your workflow ?
Thanks !


[quote=“Cpl.Bator”]Awesome ! did you plan to release a single demo ? and can you speak about your workflow ?
Thanks ![/quote]

Hi ! Thanks ! Yes i plan to release a demo as soon as possible.Unfortunately i’m busy with life but If you have a question don’t hesitate to ask.I will answer ASAP.


Just some shots to show you i’m still working on it :smiley:


**The imgaes were too big so i removed them ***


Nice! Your game looks so polished, are you near Beta release anytime soon?


Thanks ! I hope so ! The problem is i have only few hours of spare time in a week.I have a small company (not programming related) where i have some trouble right now so i’m just runnig place to place to fix things , and when i get home i’m just too tired to do anything else than start watching 10 minutes of some 80’s slasher movie and fall asleep…:smiley:

Everything is 90 % ready , for an alpha release just need few animations and models to be done.


Nice. I’m looking forward to the release. Completing the last 10% has always been more stressful than the first 90% :wink:


Hi everyone ! I just made an update to the game.Adding new features and making everything more smooth.Here are the new features :

  • Female character with cool textures (found it on the internet it was really hard to rig it as it comes with very awkward pose :neutral_face: )
  • New better item pick up and inventory dialog (it uses only the keyboard to select/pick up items.The mouse interaction was removed , now is way more convenient)
  • New animations.More smooth and better transitions.(Zombies are still choppy but thatt next thing i will working on)
  • 12 New zombie models from an old TGC model pack.(They look tolerable).Whats cool there are 2 texture variations for each model and the models are only 6000 polys each
  • Some internal changes that makes the further development a lot easier (cleanup , simplifying some code ,etc)
  • Added billboards for simulating fog , dust and other cool effects.
  • Started rebuild lightmaps for segments (Instead of baked complete lightmaps i render only indirect lighting and AO and use dynamic lights for direct lighting and dynamic shadows).You can see this feature in the demo video BTW

The only problem that i didn’t checked my fraps settings and i recorded half size screen again… The videoended up in a terrible 380p quality but i just don’t have patience/time right now to record another one so sorry about this :smiley: but i promise next time i will upload a proper 720p hq video.

EDIT : Sorry for the spelling errors in the video… :frowning:



Damn, I thought it was iron-man with that light coming from her chest :smiley: Looks nice so far.


Few shots of the classic Resident evil “fixed security camera” camera style.This gives some real retro survival horror feeling :slight_smile: Since this is just a modified version of the TPS character controller , it will be a selectable mode in the main menu

And finally a flashlight idea (the beam is currently photoshopped…)