Infested : a survival horror and investigation game


Hi all ! I didn’t post a comment in the new forum yet so it’s about time to do it :smiley: .Anyway… i have some spare time so i continue to expand the sewer and train station levels of the game. Here are few shots >


It’s always very cool to see this project progressing ! Great work on keeping up the level of quality over time :smiley:


Hi ! After my HDD , GPU and Power supply wrecked , i’m back with a youthful enthusiasm and a new PC :smiley:
With new compilers and operating system i found out there is a bug in the game (Some bad resource handling somewhere) which causes random crashes.On XP it was very rare so i couldn’t track it down but on win7 is more frequent so i already isolated the bug i just need to find the exact piece of code which causes the crash

My other problem i mentioned somewhere above is also solved.–>The textures <–Finding specific textures on the net , and editing them to match to each other (contrast , colorkey , saturation ,etc) is a really , really slow procedure.I waste a vast amount of time on this and it gets me nowhere really. So i wrote a small desturation shader which desaturates the screen by 60%.This makes all the textures match to each other automatically and gives the levels more creepy horroristic look.Here are some screen shots (compare them to my the older images to see the difference)

Exterior scene .It looks great even wothout GI lightmap ! (Simple dynamic directional light is used)


Wow, that’s looking good!


Yay!!! Cool!!!

Do you use custom shaders for human skin?


@Victor : Thanks :slight_smile:

@Slapin : Nope , it’s just a simple diffuse material but i plan to add some cool shiny specular map for the clothes.


Looking forward to it!


Just removed the eyelashes and other unnecessary “details” that were rather pesky than visually appealing and guess what.She turnet out to be a real hottie :slight_smile:


Finally ! The game works and looks as i expected.just need more level design , textures and models and animations
I also created a desaturation/contrast/brigtness combo sahder which acts as a cheap color grading effect. (Note the greenish effect in the video).Also logic , triggers , animations (mocap ,and simple frame based graph transforms) , pathfinding is done.Modified the main hero’s animations (without weapon and flashlight the runing and walking is a cleaned mocap , with weapon and flashlight is generated) The Inventory and other UI based thingies are also work.Here’s a short video of all this put together.

(NOTE : Before you ask , No , the monster in the video is not a l4d tank.Its a very similar monster from a model pack)


Looking really good!
Careful with those high heels on that grate. :wink:


Playing with lightmaps.Tried a different method and it worked really nice ! Photometric lights can produce extremely beautiful results.Also testing the old Resident Evil style character controller (fixed camera angle and position while the character moves freely in the scene) Works and feels better than the default TPS controller.Watch the blob shadow under the character’s feet :smiley:


Resident evil style gameplay. Pre rendered backgrounds. It really looks like a resident evil clone but i can say that this camera style and gameplay is MIND BLOWINGLY awesome. It’s the best controller type so far. The slow gameplay and the smaller areas give a REAL survival horror experience and makes you want to play more ! With the tps and fps controllers i used before never had this kind of experience. They demanded action.Lot of shooting , large levels , fast runing and made you forget that you actually playing a survival horror game.They just didn’t fit…

A small demo of a simple corridor thrown together for testing.


Added AO map to the character diffuse and use a cheap light effect to make the character fit in the scene regardless of light intensity.So far if the area was too dark the character would be completely black or really stand out due to incorrect ambient lighting.I use a constant directional light which always has the same direction as the camera so the character is always lit from a direction even if there is no light source nearby.

No light source (only constant directional) + ambient and the character still looks cool. Oh, and the AO is doing a great job too.