InfoLink Add

Is the infoLink add load on your web browser when peeking Urho3D forum?
I just got it today.

Ah it’s gone now.
I hope it’s not coming back on my machine.


I got it also. I just checked the admin logs and it showed that none of our board admins are behind this nor that we have been informed by our forums service provider about this change (at least not me). I was under impression that our forums are hosted on ProPhpBB for free. Well, I now know the last part of my last sentence is no longer true.

It is still appearing guys and actually it is infolink and vglink (probably the same ad service).

I’m just using a browser privacy tool to block it away.

It seems to dissappear after a successful login. I am actually fine with ads when they are non-intrusive and targeted. The infolink ads do not meet those.

I don’t mind this as well as my ad blocker works great. It looks like it is required for this free service. … a12#p12233

How Can This Be Free?
In exchange for free, managed phpBB 3 hosting we display unobtrusive advertisements on your forum. This advertising may be contextual, banner, or link driven. We respect your forum and will treat you and your users with the utmost respect - no type of advertising will consist of pop-ups, spyware, downloaders or anything of the sort. We know that without our forum admins (that’s you!) we wouldn’t be here.[/quote]

…just weird all of the sudden it pops out in the bottom for guests, maybe a surge in forum traffic or something.