Input Mouse Bug

When press WIN button (drag window or resize it or change focus) and then return back
small mouse movements creates Unpredictable movement of the camera

Urho3D 1.5 Windows XP NVIDIA OpenGL

Single click in Urho window does nothing. To get focus for Urho window i need doble-click
Bug exist only when before click in user area i click Title of window.

Can you provide steps to reproduce on Windows 7 or newer?

I have one ancient XP machine I’ll be able to test in some time, but not immediately.

To reproduce you need only:

Startup options -w -s

Change the focus to another window.
Then click on the Title of Urho window.
You can move or resize it.
And press in the user area of Urho window.

If I miss a step “click on the Title” (just click to user area)
All works fine.