Install target of project

When invoking make install or similar on my project, is there an easy way to have the build system copy the local Data and CoreData directories to bin/ (so not the Data/CoreData directories that were installed with Urho3D, but the project specific Data/CoreData directories) and also copy as well as libraries that were created using setup_library (SHARED) to lib/?

If you don’t explicitly define your own resource dirs then the build system will default it to Urho provided resource dirs. See the usage of define_resource_dirs() macro. Although I haven’t tested it that way, but I believe make install should install whichever resource dirs being explicitly defined.

As for the, it is already configured to be installed to /lib dir from the install prefix path. You don’t need other *.so from other sub-libs that Urho depended on. However, if it is one of your own then of course you have to tell the build system to do that yourself, when the macro has not done it yet (didn’t check the code, not 100% sure).

One thing to note, we have configured the RPATH for common use cases. You may have to adjust this when you have deviated from the common use cases. Anyway, If after installing and you find that ldd command output complaints about missing shared libs while they are actually physically installed, now you know what to look for.

Okay, I’ve played around with this some more and I’m not getting anywhere. I have multiple issues.

setup_main_executable ()

This causes symlinks to be created in build/bin which is good, but make install does not copy Data or CoreData to the installation directory. How do I make that happen?


Doing this in the top-most CMakeLists.txt for some reason causes the executable file to be deleted right before install can copy it. If I look in build/bin right before I run make install I see the target “lightship-server”. When I run make install I get the following error and suddenly “lightship-server” is no longer in build/bin.

-- Install configuration: "Debug"
CMake Error at server/cmake_install.cmake:50 (file):
  file INSTALL cannot find
Call Stack (most recent call first):
  cmake_install.cmake:38 (include)

define_source_files (
    GLOB_CPP_PATTERNS src/*.cpp
    GLOB_H_PATTERNS include/lightship/*.h)
setup_library (SHARED)

This does not by default install my library to lib/ so I assume I have to do that myself with:

install (TARGETS lightship DESTINATION "lib")

which works. I was just wondering if there was an existing mechanism I could use from the Urho3D build system, to, for example, figure out if it should be lib32 or lib64 or if there was a mechanism to version my library and create symlinks (e.g. and a symlink to it) or if I have to do this myself.

And finally, does not get installed to lib/

$ make install                                                                                                        (master✱) 
[ 45%] Built target lightship
[ 68%] Built target lightship-server
[ 86%] Built target lightship-client
[100%] Built target lightship-mapconverter
Install the project...
-- Install configuration: "Debug"
-- Installing: /home/thecomet/documents/programming/cpp/lightship-cpp/build/dist/lib/
-- Set runtime path of "/home/thecomet/documents/programming/cpp/lightship-cpp/build/dist/lib/" to ""
-- Installing: /home/thecomet/documents/programming/cpp/lightship-cpp/build/dist/bin/lightship-server
-- Set runtime path of "/home/thecomet/documents/programming/cpp/lightship-cpp/build/dist/bin/lightship-server" to ""
-- Installing: /home/thecomet/documents/programming/cpp/lightship-cpp/build/dist/bin/lightship-client
-- Set runtime path of "/home/thecomet/documents/programming/cpp/lightship-cpp/build/dist/bin/lightship-client" to ""
-- Installing: /home/thecomet/documents/programming/cpp/lightship-cpp/build/dist/bin/lightship-mapconverter
-- Set runtime path of "/home/thecomet/documents/programming/cpp/lightship-cpp/build/dist/bin/lightship-mapconverter" to ""

(I’m not going to worry about rpath for now, I first just want this to work). As you can see, is not installed. What do I have to do to have it copied along with my game to lib/?


Hmm, you didn’t use the new macro that I mentioned in last comment? Check its usage in the online doc with the latest 1.7 revision.