Integrating Urho3D into an existing ios/android app to render 3D models?

Hello. I’m having hard time to find a cross platform 3D engine that could integrate into an existing native ios (Xcode) / android (Android studio) app. I would like at one point in the app to present a 3D view developed with Urho3D. Thanks for any help.

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Hi @jptsetung, and welcome to the forums! :confetti_ball: :slightly_smiling_face:

Although it should be technically possible, could you more specifically describe what you’re looking to accomplish as well as any obstacles you may see ahead or have already encountered?

I have an app which is not a 3D app, it show classic user interface views for iOS and android. At some point in the app, I want to launch a 3D view (full screen), and I wanted to study the possibility to use a 3D engine like Urho3D to do this. All utotirlas I read are based on cmake which build a whole app using the 3D engine, but didn’t see any tutorial about integrating the engine in an existing app.

Maybe you could use Edddy as an example, or @aster2013’s particle editor, which has a quite similar approach.

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