Interesting talk about C++ analysis tools

(Originally from Microsoft’s Channel 9: … -s-Dragons)

Anyone tried these tools?

I have been using AddressSanitizer it is really useful. Now it is part of Xcode as well.

Is it available for Windows?

It should work you need to compile Clang and LLVM with address-sanizier enabled.
It is part of GCC 4.8 now also there might be ready binaries but I followed this steps for OSX.

I followed this guide:
This is for LLVM might be out of date:

After that you need to compile your application with this flag: -fsanitize=address
And you need to run your application like this in my case it is IOS app.

It doesn’t seem to build the sanitizer libs on window and give an error saying they’re missing.
A workaround could be using a virtual machine with Linux.

Well, at least Clang-Format works.

What about GCC 4.8 through cygwin?

Too much hassle and mess.
Might as well use it with LLVM/Clang for Linux builds, when I’ll need them.