Is Urho3D compatible with D

D is a language that aims to be a successor to C++, and I know it’s much cleaner than it. I haven’t used it myself though, as I haven’t had a project to work on with D.

I know that D is compatible with some but not all C++ libraries. So is it compatible with Urho3D. Is it possible for the entire game project to be written in D?

No, unless someone is ready to do huge amount of porting work.

If anybidy cares at all.

If the interest is not pure academic, there were some discussions on web
aboiut interoperability of C++ and D and it is heavily compiler-dependent now.
gcc-7.x adopts D compiler, so there is some chance that if your code is built using gcc.
But I would not get high hopes. Also there is always Qt path - you can implement pure C binding
and use that from D (or anywhere like Python and other languages).

The interest is not pure academic. I would actually want to write my game in D if I could. But I don’t think I will as making the binding appears to be more complicated than just writing it in C++.

Isn’t the GDC compiler fairly new? LLVM has a D compiler. Is Urho3D compatible with LLVM?

It would be nice though if someone ported Urho3D to D. Yes it would take some work, but compared to writing a new game engine? If someone did, they should not bother with some features like Direct3D.

It might be possible to auto generate the majority of the bindings. (

If you port Urho3D to D then you’ll be facing the same issue you’re facing now, only much larger: There are no D bindings for all of the thirdparty libraries used by Urho3D.

AFAIK, D is compatible with C++ in terms that you can use C++ classes, which are stored in linked library, so you can build Urho3D as .so/.a library and just link it with your D code, of course, you should somehow provide interface of Urho3D classes and methods in D, isn’t that right?