It's Possible to use tesselation?

Hello Guys, i have a questionar, it’s Possible to use tesselation in HLSL shaders ?, I searched in the reference and forum, but i did not find answers on the subject.
I would like to create a Water Effect Using Displace and Tesselator.

No, currently only vertex & pixel shaders are exposed. You would need to modify the Graphics class API (+ other relevant classes) to add support for the required shader types. There have been community efforts to add shader types (e.g. geometry shaders) but none of them has materialized as a pull request yet.

Could you tell me which class i start ?

  • Shader, ShaderVariation, Graphics (to add shader type in the low level graphics API; take a look how vertex/pixel shaders are set)
  • Pass, Technique, View, Renderer, Batch (actually make use of the new shader types in scene rendering, again take a look how vertex/pixel shaders are used)

Thank’s for the help, it’s very usefull