Joystick/Gamepad Issue

I added a few lines to the PhysicsStressTest sample to be able to control the camera with a game controller and made a few for loops
to test what value each Button/Axis had, as I noticed they didn’t have the same as those I could see in jstest-gtk (
(Which isn’t the problem). The controller I used is a sixaxis PS3 controller which works just fine in other games and as I mentionned works with jstest.
I am testing for input with:

GetSubsystem<Input>()->GetJoystickByIndex(0)->GetButtonDown(i); GetSubsystem<Input>()->GetJoystickByIndex(0)->GetAxisPosition(i);
My problem now; when I wanted to use the (R2) and (L2) triggers to make the camera move up and down while controlling the speed at which it did,
:confused: I found out two things:
? Those two don’t have a ‘Button’ in Urho3D.
? Their ‘AxisPosition’ values either are 1 or 0.
I understand why the axes of most buttons would be ignored by the game engine, but surely it isn’t normal that those two work that way currently?
:blush: Or could I be doing something wrong? I observed this with the yaourt urho3d and urho3d-git builds (Linux Manjaro).

Here’s are all the SIXAXIS buttons mapped (as over bluetooth) to an enum:

                      SB_L2, SB_R2, SB_L1, SB_R1,
                      SB_TRIANGLE, SB_CIRCLE, SB_CROSS, SB_SQUARE,
                      SB_PS };

Detecting the triggers (L2/R2) works fine here with GetButtonDown. In heXon these trigger the ejection seat.
I’m running Xunbuntu btw.

Then again… for me they do have the same values as shown in jstest-gtk. Do they say Sony and is the PS3 logo visible on the central button? Did you change the mapping?

Yup, it’s an official PS3 controller with the sony/playstation logos (Model: CECHZC2U)
and is seen as such in lsusb and jstest-gtk.
I didn’t change any mapping. I only read values.
[color=#666666]Bus 005 Device 005: ID 054c:0268 Sony Corp. Batoh Device / PlayStation 3 Controller[/color]
[color=#666666]Sony PLAYSTATION®3 Controller
Device: /dev/input/js0

[code]Button In Urho3D In jstest-gtk

 x			0				14
 ?			1				13
 ?			2				15
 ?			3				12

Select 4 0
PS 5 16
Start 6 3
L3 7 1
R3 8 2
L1 9 10
R1 10 11
UP 11 4
DOWN 12 6
LEFT 13 7
RIGHT 14 5


Axis	In Urho3D		In jstest-gtk

left(x) 0 0
left(y) 1 1
right(x) 2 2
right(y) 3 3
L2 4* 12
R2 5* 13

*Can only have 0 or 1 as value.[/code] I’ve confirmed this on two computers, with two PS3 controllers. I’ve also tested Urho3D with a PS4 controller and saw that there was no problem; every button, hat and axis worked as it should, including the triggers. :neutral_face:

I wonder if my problem could be that I’m running this on Arch-based Linux Manjaro, instead of Debian/Ubuntu?

Right, I just realized I use the controllers over bluetooth most of the time.
When I play over usb the mapping matches yours. In jstest-gtk everything still looks the same as over bluetooth though.
Which comes down to a: Yea, same problem here. Maybe post an issue on this? Might be SDL related.