Joystick with axis control



That looks nice. Thank you for sharing it.


You’re welcome. This repo should make mobile development more convenient.

Also updated the repo late last night, so you might want to grab the latest.


repo updated - refactored ScreenJoystick struct.

I’m considering adding d-pad button images to the Joystick.png and perhaps, resizing it to 256x256.
Any thoughts?


Here’s what I’m thinking:


This was exactly what I needed. Managed to get it working with AngelScript by exposing GameController object to scripting. I can add a PR later with the AngelScript binding code, if needed. Script binding seems to be a hot topic lately.


That’s good to hear. I don’t support scripting language in my repo, but perhaps, you can contribute to Urho3D engine with your work.


I added PS4 controller mapping for Android. I’m uncertain about how Android generates GUID but would like to verify that it’s consistent across different API levels. API level that I tested is Android 4.1.2, API 16.

To enable the PS4 controller testing, uncomment the line 38, //#define TEST_PS4_CONTROLLERedit: in GameController.cpp.

I appreciate anyone with a PS4 controller and Android to verify that it works and mention your API lvl. Thanks.

Edit: Disregard. I got my answer.