Khronos announces VULKAN

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Discuss :slight_smile:[/quote]

PowerVR Rogue GPUs running early Vulkan demo (experimental drivers)

This blog is a very interesting read on Vulkan;
"Trying out the new Vulkan graphics API on PowerVR GPUs"
By Ashley Smith (an Applications Engineer at Imagination) … wervr-gpus

Among the highlights from the demo using an alpha driver (from the blog);
High-quality, physically-based shading
HDR (High dynamic range) rendering
20 unique 2K PVRTC textures
2 GiB of texture data compressed to 266 MiB using Imagination?s PVRTC texture compression standard
4 x MSAA (Multi-sample anti-aliasing)
16 x Anisotropic texture filtering
Physically-correct material parameters
Low CPU usage, very efficient GPU usage
Correct specular reflections on reflective materials
More than 250,000 triangles
Post processing effects: saturation, exposure and tone mapping

What does this means from the Urho point of view? We will have a new Vulkan based rederer at some future time?

Once there are public APIs / SDKs / drivers, it’s possible, which I understand will go into the next year. Naturally will also depend on who is / are interested in implementing new graphics APIs support.

“GLAVE: A Debug Tool For The New Vulkan Graphics API” … GLAVE-Demo

"Valve Developed An Intel Linux Vulkan GPU Driver" … kan-Driver

and snapshot of Valve’s Source 2 on Vulkan API

presentation by various companies (AMD, ARM, etc) - "The new Vulkan and SPIR-V specifications"