kNet+ IPv6 clients and IPv4 server

I’m aware that kNet+ does not support IPv6. I have a question regarding to connectivity between IPv6 clients and IPv4 server.

In a case I choose to use kNet+(and the networking feature provided by Urho) to develop the game server and client, the game client will connect to the server though the server domain name(not IPv4 address). If a game client is in the network that use only IPv6 addresses, would it be able to connect to the game server?

Any help is appreciated.

This might be helpful:

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Thank you. here is the additional information I’ve found :

kNet clients that are in IPv6-only network should be able to communicate with IPv4 server if the kNet API is compatible with IPv6 DNS64/NAT64 translation. Will need to find out if kNet is compatible with IPv6 DNS64/NAT64.

I’ve been working on creating a pull-request ready setup integrating RakNet with Urho3D based on JSandusky’s earlier work (he basically finished it, or at least got it to what seems to be a working state). Since RakNet does support IPV6 (it seems, though I did have to make a few fixes in the IPV6 specific code, mostly adding/moving some includes, so I don’t know how well maintained the feature is), I went ahead and tried adding said support. You can see the code here:
There’s still a lot of work to do with it, but it might be easier for you to try this than to mess around with kNet.


Thanks SirNate0, it’s great to hear that you are working on integration of Raknet with Urho3D. I will try this.