Link failed when compiled Urho3D with Xcode 6 GM

I want to compile Urho3D under Xcode 6 GM, but link error occurred.
I think the cmake file need to be modified, but I do not know how?
Anybody can help me?
Thank you very much.

I think you need to be more specific than that. What was the link error message? Which version of CMake are you using? Does it only happen to Urho3D project or also with other test projects generated by CMake?

Xcode is known to change their internal working with little regards with external 3rd-party tool such as CMake, forcing it to constantly playing catch up with Xcode. So, usually one has to use the latest CMake (or even using the nightly) to pair with the newly release Xcode. Unfortunately I could not help you much because none of my Mac is running on Mavericks yet.

I can confirm this problems happens with only xcode 6 GM.

Building out a sample project for the simulator results in a ton of linking errors… the first of which I’m seeing is linking errors for SDL and Free Type

Target: 07_Billboards
Commit: 36175d471f239970829a7def3e3d8d75fcacd8e4
Cmake: v3.0

Undefined symbols for architecture i386: "_FT_Done_Face", referenced from: Urho3D::FontFaceFreeType::~FontFaceFreeType() in libUrho3D.a(FontFaceFreeType.o) Urho3D::FontFaceFreeType::Load(unsigned char const*, unsigned int, int) in libUrho3D.a(FontFaceFreeType.o) "_FT_Done_FreeType", referenced from: Urho3D::FreeTypeLibrary::~FreeTypeLibrary() in libUrho3D.a(FontFaceFreeType.o) "_FT_Get_First_Char", referenced from:

Building for an ios device results in:

I’ve tried fixing it, but I don’t have much experience with cmake :stuck_out_tongue:

Building the static library for device or simulator is successful.

Give me an hour and I’ll test with CMake 3.0.2

Sorry If I kept anyone waiting… CMake 3.0.2 does solve the issue ^.^