Linker issue with Urh3D-1.7.1 and gcc-10.1.0 on Linux (Manjaro-20.0.3)


Output at

make -j4 VERBOSE=1

Linker stage output

GCC v10 flipped a default option (common to no-common).

I presume most projects like SDL will address the root causes in due course. As a temporary workaround, I built Urho with
cmake -D CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS:string=-fcommon -D CMAKE_C_FLAGS:string=-fcommon (edit: Added cflags)

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Thank you @jmiller. Something additionally must be amiss on my Linux distro because I still get the linker errors even with doing a “cmake -D CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS:string=-fcommon” (on a freshly extracted Urho3D source code tree).

Fortunately I still have a functional build of Urho3D (prior to Manjaro updates) on my system that I’m using.

I had that too, also on Manjaro. I disabled VIDEO_WAYLAND and it worked. I don’t use Wayland and I don’t have it installed, btw.


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Thank you @trillian! That solves my link issue.

I added CMAKE_C_FLAGS (which I forgot) above, which should help link SDL in the case of Wayland.

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