List and order of event subscriptions?

I am trying to run Urho3d in headless mode.

It is crashing during the SendEvent(E_POSTUPDATE, eventData) in Engine::Update().

Besides doing a global search on subscriptions involving E_POSTUPDATE (which I did do), is there a way to discover the complete list and order of subscriptions invoked by a E_POSTUPDATE signal?

I am trying to locate where the crash is occurring.


Exactly this:

And all inner calls of e.g. LogicComponents

Do you have STR/stack/dump of the crash?

In Object::SendEvent(), I can dump receiver->GetTypeName().

This gives me what I am after.

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Please report the crash or send PR with fix when you find the root cause.

It was traced back to a third party add-on component that I had included, which had a postupdate subscription buried in it. There was no issue on the Urho3d side.

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Great, thanks for follow-up.