Load texture from memory


I’m a bit confusing about how to load and draw a Texture from memory.

I have a memory buffer containing raw compressed pixels.

But how do I do the transition from it to Image->Texture->Sprite?

Sorry for my newbie question

If you have your material/shader setup already you can use the material and do the following

// Get your material
Cache* cache = GetSubsystem<ResourceCache>();
Material* mat = cache->GetResource<Material>("../yourmat.xml");

// Get the image and create the texture.
Image* srcImg = SetupImage(pixels);
Texture2D* tex = new Texture2D(GetContext());

// Set the texture data.
tex->SetSize(srcImage->GetWidth(), srcImage->GetHeight(), Graphics::GetRGBAFormat()); // Or whatever format you are using
tex->SetData(srcImg, useAlpha); // Set the image here

// Update the material.
mat->SetTexture(TerrainUnit::TU_DIFFUSE, tex); // On desktop you can have up to 8... sure wish it was 10-12 heh

I hope that helps! Some settings you may not need but I though I’d show you what’s available.

As for sprites, once you’ve put the image data into your texture you’d of course call sprite->SetTexture(). Although if you were using a shader you would set the material as above for your sprites (best to use an image atlas if you were doing this in the shader).

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