Logging macros


I stumbled upon something which may not be intended that way. The Macros for Logging depend on the ENABLE_LOGGING flag.
Because of this you need to enable the Flag in your project if you use Urho as an external library and you can use it even if it isnt enabled in the Urho build.
Is this the way it should be?

That is a good find. The ENABLE_LOGGING (together with ENABLE_FILEWATCHER and ENABLE_PROFILING) was already there at a time when our build scripts did not yet have the so-called build options support. At that time, I believe it was expected that users (developers) would get their hand dirty to comment out the unwanted definition directly in the CMake build scripts. It seems that we have raised the expectation :smiley:. I see what I can do about it.

I figured having static functions which look like this should solve the problem:

void Log::LogError(...) { #ifdef ENABLE_LOGGING // stuff #endif }

The define then can just be a shortcut to the function. The empty functions should get optimized away in release builds so I dont think it will have a performance impact.
If this is a proper way to do it I can provide a patch

Nope. I have just committed a change to properly enable and disable the logging support. If you pass the -DENABLE_LOGGING=0 when invoking CMake then all the logging macros will become no-ops automatically (see Log.h for more detail).

Let me know if after this you still have problem with it using Urho3D as external library.

I will try it in a few hours and give you feedback.

EDIT: The changes work, yet I still can enable logging when using the library when it was built without logging and I need to enable it although the engine was compiled with it.

now i try to create logs with the engine as new user , can you please explain me , why i need the ENABLE_LOGGING flag when building with cmake?
i mean in other frameworks ( not 3d ) if i want logs , i know i need them so i use the framework logging class .
what reasone should i have disabling the logging functions ?

For example in a final production build you might want to disable logging altogether from both the engine and your application for a tiny performance boost.

When you follow the Urho library use instructions from here urho3d.github.io/documentation/a00004.html I believe the defaults should be set for you, but using other methods it may need to be manually set.

Thanks for your answer