Logo suggestion

Yes, more detail is bad way.
Good ways can be illustrated if in “Google picture search” type “fish logo”.

Additional material for further transformations.
Reduced the amount of up to three colors.

It’s only 3 colors.

More colors.

Colors can be changed.
Need to clarify and change the right side contour.
You can add, delete, or merge the small details.

Files for the GIMP with the individual layers can be downloaded here


In the future it will be possible to make fish 3d model.
It’s like a monkey in a Blender or ogre in Ogre3d.
Perhaps the skeleton animation.

Maybe it needed in person person who has access to fish that would make her photo shoot for the model and textures.

cin: I think that’s starting to look very good. It’s kind of monstrous and cute at the same time.

Some playing with photoshop…

The fish is beautiful, But if you select another better font, it will more cool.

If i well understand, this fish is Blue Acara (Aequidens pulcher)
I am right?

Urho certainly was some kind of cichlid, probably that one, have to ask at the office which exactly.


Conception and material.
It’s only 3 colors.

As written by Lasse “It’s kind of monstrous and cute at the same time.”

I think that it can be used as a concept for further searches.
White - black
Light - Dark
Good - bad
Yin - Yang
Yes - No

Black color can be associated with anything.
Infinite depth of the universe.
Empty scene where it all starts.
The starting point in which outbreak thought.
The scene in which everything is there except for the light source.
If our world is to turn off all the lights we can not see anything at all is already there.
Turn on the light and objects take shape, color, perspective.

You can add a fourth color.

You can change the contour of the bottom and right.
It may look like knife blades or abstractly as in the example of the cin
I think that white should retain details inherent in a concrete fish (Urho)
But the dark side can be styled. Add color layer, change contour, or transparent holes.

The white part contains a new element which is difficult to see in the photo.
“pectoral fin”.
Probably need to fix contour or add styling.
The same is true for the “dorsal fin”.

File for a program Gimp 2.8.6
Resolution 1056 x 640.
Three main layers and 12 helpers.


Other ways.

Path 1:

If you do a photo shoot or shoot video of Hero you can get different angles for experiments.
For example (in dynamic):

This can be obtained also from other sources because fishes of one type are similar to each other.
In this case there will be no color characteristics of a particular fish (Urho).
Textures may also be needed if there is a need to make a 3D model of the Urho.
If you do not associate logo with a specific fish it is not essential.

Path 2:

The engine can be associated with submarine.
Friendly team as a team of this submarine.
Passengers as people who look from the portholes (monitors).
Aboard the submarine written “Urho 3D.”
The front part of the submarine can be painted in the colors of the fish (Urho) as on logos above.
Submarine may have fins like a fish.

Admin delete this post please …

OK, now got precise intel, Urho was a Thorichthys Ellioti

betterknowafish.com/2013/11/09/s … s-ellioti/

Cadaver, this now have 3D & 2D going to change the name from Urho3D to Urho Engine or Urho or some ?

I personally don’t see a reason for a name change. This started as a 3D engine and even the 2D components can be mixed with 3D objects, and are rendered as part of the same pipeline as the 3D scene.


aster2013 Cool!!!

It is not my works. An artist in our company draw it for us.

Tell him thank you! I really like!

This is very clear and simple looking, and memorable, I believe. Personally I prefer the “evil” looking fish variations, because I saw Urho’s evil firsthand :slight_smile: but that’s just me.