Looking for a away to render to a Framebuffer on Headless Raspberry Pi 3

First, great work and big thank you to the developers of Urho3D. This engine is amazing.

My question - is there a way to run this engine on a headless Raspberry Pi and render to buffer instead of a window? My plan is to use this engine to render different (2D and 3D) animations to an LED matrix. For which I have found that I absolutely have to run the Raspberry in headless mode, otherwise there is a ton of flickering on the matrix. I’m currently using GLE + OpenGL ES 2.0 to accomplish this. I render to a pbuffer and then simply copy its contents to the matrix. Now I want to add some more complicated things that requires collision detection, physics, etc. Which is why I have found this engine. But I couldn’t find a way to run Urho3d without a window. Is there a way to accomplish this?

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Have you checked render to texture? I recall someone else in the past try similar thing as you but using AWS cloud. There is RTT sample in the repo.