Loomio as organizational platform

With @cadaver stepping down and the introduction of a new coding standard, now may be a good moment to give something like Loomio a try.

It’s just a suggestion, but it may prove fruitful. Naturally for it to help in reaching consensus most (core) devs would need to join.

I pressed the button there.

Approved, now you can invite/accept others too.

The Diaspora* team reflected on using Loomio for nearly 5 years in this post.

Actually Discourse has a pretty neat set of polling features:

  • Proper use of Discourse polling functionality and threads should be sufficient.
  • Loomio seems to provide something extra.

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  • Sometimes
  • you want to
  • allow people
  • to pick more
  • options

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A split in communication channels is not a small thing and Loomio does seem to have been heading in a more commercial direction.