Lost at positioning light

I wonder if you can help me with another related thing. I am not sure why light lights up wrong side of figures.

My game field is at 0,0 - 10,20 (think 2d wall). Everything is at z=0 except for light and camera.

This is how i place camera:

    auto camera = _scene->GetChild("Camera");
    auto camera_object = camera->GetComponent<Camera>();
    camera->SetPosition(Vector3(0, 0, -30));
    camera->Translate(Vector3(5, 9.4f, 0));

Now camera is in front of middle of game field. So far so good. Now i place the light:

auto lightNode = _scene->CreateChild(); lightNode->SetPosition(Vector3(-30, 30, -15)); auto light = lightNode->CreateComponent<Light>(); lightNode->LookAt(Vector3::ZERO); light->SetLightType(LIGHT_DIRECTIONAL); light->SetCastShadows(false); light->SetRange(500); light->SetFadeDistance(500);

As i understand light ends up at (-30, 30, -15) which is above/to the left/bit in front of game field. That means figures should have their top-left faces lit.


Placing the light on (30, -30, -15) gives desired result:

Faces facing light get darker. What did i mess here up?

Normals flipped on the models? Can you test with Urho builtin models like Box.mdl to see if there’s a difference?

Thanks man. This was a combination of flipped normals and urho3d-blender being weird. Turns out i also needed to select “Bottom (-Z -Y)” to get mesh exported while properly flipping axis (blender up-z -> urho up-y). Sometimes i wish i could switch coordinate system of engine to blender one. But that probably isnt that simple eh?