Lots and lots of networking. Just a little help


I have some quick questions… If anyone can help. I resolved must of my other problems.

A) Problem 1 (Think I resolved this. Testing.)

What is the quickest method to set a variantmap for identity in networking?

Basically, I want to have a client make a connection to a server. The server sets a identity like anonymous and saving the connection ip, address, or whatever.

  1. If the server don’t get a identity from a client in a set time. It’s kicked.
  2. If the server gets a identity from non-matching IP or port when the client sends authentication information. It’s kicked

Killing of anonymous connections. Either the client I make or a game client to be able to work because it would at least be able to send the server needed information authentication information before the timer is out.

B) Problem 2

If the communication is UDP for networking. If a server connects for example and the client sends a message. What’s the best way on the server side to know how to send a message back with (Connection *).Sendmessage without the general broadcast.

I’m assuming I have to pass the sender down through the functions as a reference, then the actual one that input. Use the connection information and pass that to a send output.

Sounds logical?


[quote]bool Connect (const String &address, unsigned short port, Scene *scene, const VariantMap &identity=Variant::emptyVariantMap)
Connect to a server using UDP protocol. Return true if connection process successfully started.


I made this code I think it effectively sets up a client type and time of arrival. I’m thinking of making a update that loops through all connections to determine good or bad connections, and verified connections.

I’m not sure? This is the base attach a identity to a connection.


void GameEconomicServer::NewConnection(StringHash eventType, Urho3D::VariantMap& eventData)

/// Get Connection
Urho3D::Connection * newConnection = (Urho3D::Connection *) eventData[ClientConnected::P_CONNECTION].GetPtr();

/// Output to screen
cout << "New connection established {Clent}" << newConnection->ToString().CString() <<endl;

/// Get currenttime
Urho3D::Time systemtime(context_);
unsigned int currenttime = systemtime.GetSystemTime();

/// Get eventmap and time
Urho3D::VariantMap NetworkClientIdentity(GetEventDataMap());

NetworkClientIdentity[NetworkClientIdentity::NETWORK_CLIENTARRIVAL]= currenttime;

/// Set Identity



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