Lua coroutine extension

Hi, all

I have add coroutine support in Lua, and provide two extension functions for Lua coroutine.
coroutine.start(func) – create new coroutine and resume it. the function code:

function coroutine.start(func)
    local co = coroutine.create(func)
    return coroutine.resume(co)

coroutine.sleep(time) – sleep current coroutine, it will wake up until the time arrived.

I think it is helpful. For more information, please refer the Coroutine.lua sample in LuaScripts.

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Is it possible to make the coroutine yield/resume based on other events and not just based on time step?


with this, debugger support, and code completion is becoming more tempting to give up my static typing. except i have about half of the api i use commonly in my fingers now. on my resource editor branch i have a hacky version of a coroutine built into the update loop. getting the real deal would be much better. … orout.html

Two functions will be added:

coroutine.waitevent( event )
coroutine.sendevent( event )

weitjong ???

Yes, I think so. With this, the coroutine will be more versatile.

coroutine.waitevent( event )
coroutine.sendevent( event )

added, please get it.

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For a second, I thought I read "add please, (in order to) get it. :laughing:
Thanks Aster. You are the best.