Lua false type errors

I am having some trouble with LUA errors, I have compiled urho3d with the URHO3D_SAFE_LUA at ver 1.7.1 with luajit and I keep getting strange type errors.

I am creating render surfaces so I need to use GetRGBAFormat but I can’t use it since it reports back to me:

“GetRGBAFormat argument #1 is ‘Graphics’; ‘Graphics’ expected”

I assume this has something to do with the function being static? It worked when I disabled the safe lua flag.

Has anyone had this error before?

I don’t know about this one, but I am having troubles on the angelscript side. I don’t use the standard application model, but then again I don’t do anything weird… we’re in the same boat.
I actually do have experience in lua - which is why I chose not to use it.

I think having wrappers in tolua++ is probably not ideal… its kind of old.
I had been writing wrappers for lua before and opted for sol2 which made wrappers a breeze. I think overall the lua side could be improved substantially considering the way it handles resources.

Yesterday I worked on 2d stuff and in lua its impossible to create a Sprite2D on its own since its a resource so I had to copy code from the cpp source and process the rectangles myself and push em to the StaticSprite2D, its a shame really. urho3d is a pretty good engine tho it just needs a good clean up.

Although to be fair I am doing some strange things, currently I am stuck on a crash when I try to render the character sprite as I have a billboard with a render target and within that render target I am using another one and that always crashes which prompted me to get safe lua so I have a chance at debugging it.

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I do strange things too - I start my own application, I load my own scenes, I run my own scripts, and I get odd results, and no responses from the wings of this academy. Apparently, we’re all meant to live under the mantle.