Lumak's Wraptiles

My very first mobile game ever. This one is for Android.

Check it out here

I appreciate any feedback.


Edit: added info

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it must to be a great for first mobile game, congrats )

Hey congrats :slight_smile:

Ty guys, and yeah it feels great to release my first mobile game. I’m really happy to have found this engine which allowed me a speedy development.

I posted this game on Steam’s Greenlight, and getting lots of No’s.

I’m starting to think that, perhaps, I should submit my early prototypes there and get some feedback and see if it’s a type of a game that people want to play before I go into full development :wink:.

Edit: I see some Yes’s and that’s really encouraging to see, and it’s more encouraging when some become followers. This is my first greenlight process and it’s really interesting to see how the voting progresses.

I think the game should attract attention at first sight. The squares on a black background looks too easy. For example the game Zuma. No one would have paid attention to it, if there were colored circles on a black background.

@1vank, I think you’re right. It needs polish, and thanks for the vid link (2 yrs later, ha).

For some reason, I just got email from Steam Team telling me that my game is Greenlit now, and that I need to complete the digital paperwork to move forward. My friends told me that my game is too hard and the comments on my steam submission suggested that I keep my game on mobile platform.

I don’t know what to make of this…

Edit: For those that don’t know, I wrote this short tile game as an exercise to get familiar with Urho3D and mobile development process, in particular, on Android.

I’ve seen this post right now. Gonna try your game.
Steam users are renowned for not trusting mobile games too much… you have to consider interaction in respect to desktop is very different, at times impossible to set up well… moreover steam users are used to top-level games full of flashes and contents, and may not understand more conceptual and simple mobile games…

What countries have you published it in?

Try selling on other shops, like indie-related. Less $$$ but at least some sales.

I’ll go through with the greenlit process and post the link when it’s completed. I’m not in a rush to do this, so it’s going to be while.

Coming to Steam soon:
I’d appreciate everyone’s support.