Magic Particles 3D



This is a wrapper for Magic Particles 3D ( and Urho3D.

I completly rewrite old version of aster2013 that I found on this forum, this one is compatible with latest version of Magic Particles 3D (3.43).

Note: for now it works only with urho3d opengl (need to write the HLSL shaders).

Please, report me bugs or incorrect effects rendering.


Looks cool. Did you enjoy the API as I haven’t heard about Magic Particles before?


Yes, it has many features and you can create really cool and unique effects :dizzy:



Can you continue more works for android / ios ?



I didn’t test for android yet and I don’t have any ios device, so I can’t tell you if this urho sample can work as it is. But I don’t see why it couldn’t works. Magic Particle 3D is cross platform and there is android and ios version of the library.

For now, I only tested under windows and linux and it works the same, just need to link with the native library version of magic particle, for mobile platform I think it is the same.