ManaWarg 🐺


What started as a template project called Qocoon - with the intention to make it easier to create editors that combine Qt and Urho3D - gave birth to the ManaWarg. A world creator with the potential to become a very versatile Urho editor. :slight_smile:

Feel free to join the Gitter room if you want to watch it grow or would like to participate in raising this beast.

Latest screenshot

Latest build on itch (64-bit Linux)




Looks neat. Can’t wait to see what people do with this. Heck, you said you’re still working on it? Just that fact makes this interesting.

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Thanks, I started on it today. I gained some experience working on Edddy combining the two frameworks.

Now working on a material editor:


I like it. If you or someone else makes a full editor with this will it be merged with the rest of urho?

That is one of the goals I hope to help achieve. :slight_smile:
…for Urho to have at least one native editor (in a separate repository).


I’m thinking it might not be such a bad idea to work towards a world builder that has different modes. Like a default mode (akin to current Urho editor), grid mode (like Edddy), terrain and planet mode. A bit like Blender’s UI layouts, but also changing the available tools and keycuts… like when changing the interaction mode in Blender.

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Would be awesome if we could brush based map editing without needing to make our own editor/importer for an existing mapping software.

Have you seen the work by @JTippetts1?
Qt knowns tablet pressure. :slight_smile:

By brush I mean like a BSP brush, like early ID tech or Source. I find it really useful for blocking out prototype levels.

Ah, that would also make an interesting mode that I overlooked indeed. You’d basically be building custom geometry, right? When it comes to BSP I’m more familiar with the early Unreal approach ; the tunneling variant. But I guess that’s basically a difference in normals. :slight_smile:

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If you really need an idea of the workflow and you have Quake I’d suggest checking out TrenchBroom. Really good tool that I think is a really awesome example of what a modern quake-like level editor should look like.

@GoldenThumbs I intend to focus on the part that “works like Edddy” and hope there will some day be contributions from people like you (mr BSP mode) and @JTippetts1 (mr Terrain mode). :slight_smile:

This project grew mainly out of my discovery of the QDockWidget. They can be tiled, stacked, floated and closed which allows for a great deal of variety in possible UI layouts.

How does ManaWarg sound as a name for this magimythical colonial organism? :slight_smile:

Would you accept it as a name of the next official Urho editor?

  • Yes, I like ManaWarg :construction_worker_man:
  • Nah, just Urho3D Editor will do :pencil2:
  • Let’s go for Urhonator instead! :crazy_face:

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Made a logo:

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The M and G are a bit hard to read. I saw them as N and Q. But the logo itself is good

Indeed, as first scribble, it could use some balancing out. Also his tail should be stringier; less fart-like.

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Renamed repo and created icon:
I think this will guide the next version of the logo as well.

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The fish is now alive with that logo.
Looks great.

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