Microsoft is acquiring github


I have read that since Steve Ballmer departure, MS is more open source friendly and not spreading FUD anymore like in the past. But we will see what this acquisition would entail in antici…pation.

Hope so. Since then… :rage:


I removed my LinkedIn profile for the same reason.

What alternatives do you know? I’m considering switching to:

This thing is so devastatingly boring…

What is the difference who is the owner? i using that until it’s give me good service.

Do you care if government looks at code of your opensource projects? Governments are not somehow exempt from opensource licenses. Lets be rational here. So far github is going strong. Chances are that nothing will change. If service becomes poor - there are alternatives. If you have private projects that noone should look at - self-host. Noone puts their top secret projects on some cloud vendor’s servers… Problem solved. Even before prism knowledge was public it was pretty obvious that public services are a no-go for things you do not want to be public. No point loosing our heads over it.


Probably. Just Microsoft hitches. No secret on the cloud unless you put everything on a Panama or Switzerland safe…

@rku Why would Microsoft spend $7.5 billion (roughly Niger’s annual GDP) for something they already had access to?

Because of this:

If you was Microsoft CEO what was your expectation? I’m not protecting their policies but when I think from their point of view it’s really normal. You must know lot of think about business to understand why they doing that and we are only programmer.

By the way Google also acquiring lot of companies why you are not say same about it ?!

I’m guessing the steady rise started around the time when they changed their business model to be based around the collection of data instead of creating software.

I have no idea and i do not care. I store only my opensource git repositories there. As per license anyone may download and use that code and i do not care who does it. By the way hithub has APIs for exporting data. If this acquisition turns out to be damaging to github as service then i will pack my things and move elsewhere. This would be just a minor inconvenience. No point in loosing ones head over a minor inconvenience, dont you think?

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Anyone lost their head? I’m just holding course.

I did.



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@johnnycable I’m glad you found it again.

And no I don’t trust code injecting patent trolls.

Our repo was using SVN on before. It was migrated to Github because of we can. We still keep our presence at If things turn south on Github then it is just a few click away to migrate the repo back. Yes, we can.