MIT License and AppStore

I want use Urho3D for game project, for sell on AppStore. But my employer told my, that Urho3D has ThirdParty libraryes, and this libraries have a different licenses, differ than MIT (like a BSD license, lgpl and e.t.c.) and emplayer told me, that is reason for write new little engine, withot non-MIT dependencies.

So… my employer - is right or not?

I have some risk, if I will make application based on Urho3D, and sell on AppStore - do I will have a some problem about legal (copyright) my application?

Please list licences that you are afraid of.
The worst thing you would ever have to do is to place somewhere some text about licenses of used BSD libraries.

As far as I understand our 3rd dependencies are all having permissive licenses, or they wouldn’t be accepted in the first place to be included in our repository.

Disclaimer: IANAL, this is not a legal advice, check with your own company legal department.

You can tell your employer not to worry. As @weitjong mentioned, all third party libraries have licenses that are (at least) compatible with Urho’s MIT license. If your employer can point out a library where this is not the case, it’ll probably be removed/replaced pretty fast.

I too am no lawyer.