Mixamo animations/characters free

Mixamo Pricing

If anyone is interested.

Added to my account all of the anims and characters using script so i legally own them. Downloaded them from mega as someone shared link on reddit. Its good stuff. Characters are great placeholders. Just not sure about Fuse. I got it installed but it does not show anywhere that i own it permanently or something. So my fear is that to use Fuse we will be forced into subscription model. Doh.

I didn’t use Fuse but downloaded animations and character models in .fbx format directly. But I think you’re right that Fuse might be a service that you’ll pay for eventually.

Did you try mixamo characters/animations? I got character and animation separately. Ideally i would like to apply multiple animations on character and blend them but somehow applying animation does not really work. I wonder if i am missing something obvious here…

I downloaded several animation packs and doing a rough count, I have something like 230 animations and about 10 chars. I did try a few animations and they looked good.

I mean did you try them in urho? Because i somehow fail to get them working.

I tried them in urho and they worked, but I retarget the animations to my own rig first though.

I opened a few model files in Maya and saw that the base models have transforms at the end of joints, like HeadEnd, etc, and the animation files have locators. I find it odd that they didn’t keep the two consistent.

It might help if you use a [color=#0000FF]-s[/color] option w/o any filter in assetimporter to export non-skinning bones. And the [color=#0000FF]dump[/color] option to compare the model’s and animation’s bone names.

That clears things up. Hows retargeting done? In external tool or some child-parent magic in code? Not exactly sure what i should look for.

I retarget my animations in Maya, but I know that Unreal has an animation retargetting utility. I only read about it but never used it, so I’m not sure if it’s part of the editor or where it is. I haven’t checked to see if Unity or Cryengine have it.