Model with LOD and animating those


I understand Urho3d supports setting LODs per model. How does that affect an animated model? In my 3d application, I can bind the mesh to a rig and animate it. Exproting as fbx and getting into my urho code works fine. Do I have to repeat that process for every LOD ? (i.e. bind it to the rig, export as fbx, set as lod in the assetimporter - btw not sure how that works)… And what happens to the animation if I “zoom out”, and the “LOD switches”, will “the animation continue” .

Thanks for help/info. Maybe I just have some wrong concepts about how this is supposed to work.

All LODs share the same set of transforms, so animation works independently of LOD. All lods should be in one model file, too.
I don’t know how asset importing pipeline should work as I never tried it myself.

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