Motion Blur like Doom4

I am getting identical result with those pixel shaders.

Also it turns out the path argument required to be enclosed in quotation marks to get all three folders across.

WithMask: Same as Final
WithoutMask: A screen filling flickering in tones of the room with the occasional contour of a window. The gun is rendered fine.
ViewportAlpha: Like Final, but with a pitch black gun.


void PS()
float weaponmask = texture2DProj(sDiffMap, vScreenPos).a;

//gl_FragColor = vec4(mask);

if (weaponmask == 0)
    gl_FragColor = texture2DProj(sDiffMap, vScreenPos).rgba;

float depth = ReconstructDepth(texture2DProj(sDepthBuffer, vScreenPos).r);

vec3 worldPos = vFarRay * depth / vScreenPos.w;
worldPos += cCameraPosPS;

vec4 oldClipPos = vec4(worldPos, 1.0) * cOldViewProj;
oldClipPos /= oldClipPos.w;

vec4 oldScreenPos = vec4(oldClipPos.x * vGBufferOffsets.z + vGBufferOffsets.x * oldClipPos.w,
                    oldClipPos.y * vGBufferOffsets.w + vGBufferOffsets.y * oldClipPos.w,
                    0.0, oldClipPos.w);

vec4 offset = (vScreenPos - oldScreenPos);
offset = offset / (cTimeStep * 20.0);

gl_FragColor = offset;


It should show different colors when you move a the mouse

Also try to remove all comments from shader. May be it not works with UTF8 comments

Also are you using the latest version of the engine?


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Is it possible to use the same technique for a depth of field effect?

I think there is nothing in common. Even pixel blurring algorithm is other. Easier write a DOF shader from scratch, than try to take something useful from this