Multiple animations

Im trying to use multiple animations (I have Idle and Walk animations).
I create node, load model and material and then

	void LoadAnimation(String name)
		ResourceCache* cache = GetSubsystem<ResourceCache>();
		Animation* animation = cache->GetResource<Animation>("Models/" + name + ".ani");
		AnimationState* state = model->AddAnimationState(animation);

		// The state would fail to create (return null) if the animation was not found
		if (state)
			// Enable full blending weight and looping
	void Update(int animNum, float timeStep)
		if (model->GetNumAnimationStates())
			AnimationState* state = model->GetAnimationStates()[animNum];

	mymodel.Update(0, dtime); // first anim doesnt work
	mymodel.Update(1, dtime); // last anim works

If I dont load walk.ani, then idle animation works. Why?

PS. I just got animations working with

	void PlayAnimation(String name)
		AnimationController *animCtrl = (AnimationController*) node->GetComponent("AnimationController");
		animCtrl->PlayExclusive("Models/" + name + ".ani", 0, true, 0.5f);

but still like to know whats wrong with the first code?

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I approved to let this one pass for now. For some reason it stuck in “need approval” list. Let me know if it’s a bad decision.

Years ago I didnt know how animation blending works, but it is like you cant have more animation than 1.0, so blend them yourself 0.0 -> 1.0 both of them. Middle of the both is setting both to 0.5.

Like this (in C#):