Multiple beginner questions

Hi im very new to using this engine and i have a few simple questions that i hope you can help me with.

First how does saving and loading scenes work? To get me started can you tell me how to save and load a cube that moves randomly in a scene.

This also leads onto how do i switch between scenes?

How do i add my own models into the game?

Finally ow do i apply my own textures to a cube? I tried trying to modify an xml file and replacing the texture it references but that did not work.

If anyone can help answer some of these questions i would be very thankful.

Scene::Load and Scene::Save. Please, elaborate the question.

Change active scene and camera for your Viewport(s)

Use AssetImporter tool or Blender plugin to convert your model into Urho format.

This is done in Material. Take some standard material and put your own textures.
If it doesn’t work, check paths and/or provide more information.

Are you aware of the dozens of samples that come with the engine? They are well commented and may answer many of your questions, along with the documentation.

The Blender exporter @Eugene mentioned can be found here.

And welcome to the forums! :confetti_ball:

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