Multiple ParticleEmitter2D blending order

I have multiple ParticleEmitter2D and their blend mode is BLEND_ALPHA. When I draw them on top of each other one is always on top. Is there any way to control this? Also is there a way to have them all at the same blending mode without obeying any blending order per particle emitter?

For example if we the code below particleEmitter2 would be always on top of particleEmitter1. Is ther a way to combine these batches or to choose the order?

ParticleEffect2D* particleEffect1 = cache->GetResource<ParticleFX>("Urho2D/sun.pex");

ParticleEffect2D* particleEffect2 = cache->GetResource<ParticleFX>("Urho2D/greenspiral.pex");

SharedPtr<Node> particleNode1 = scene_->CreateChild("ParticleEmitter1");
ParticleEmitter2D* particleEmitter1 = particleNode_->CreateComponent<ParticleEmitter2D>();

SharedPtr<Node> particleNode2 = scene_->CreateChild("ParticleEmitter2");
ParticleEmitter2D* particleEmitter2 = particleNode_->CreateComponent<ParticleEmitter2D>();

Would it hurt to use a 3D particle emitter?

But I am using it for 2D game and I got used to this pex format. Any ideas on how to sort the batches or combine them in one batch from two emitters?

Other than adding depth? Nope; no idea.

I still cannot figure out how BLEND_ADDALPHA and BLEND_ALPHA blend modes are working. This is the line where the blending mode is set:
sourceBatches_[0].material_ = renderer_->GetMaterial(sprite_->GetTexture(), blendMode_);
Is there any place where I can set that BLEND_ADDALPHA should work between different batches?

Is there a way to set the transparency sorting manually? Per polygon or per component?