Multiple scenes, resource names collision

Consider the situation:
There are two scenes located in arbitrary directories, some scene resources have the same names.


How can I load these scenes at the same time?
I believe it is impossible. The material from the first scene will be mistakenly used in both scenes, because the ResourceCache can contain only one material named “material.xml”.

ResourceGroup (which is the part of ResourceCache) contain resources in HashMap where key is full file path or relative to resource dir path, not file name. There will be collision only if you specify C:/some_path/scene1/ and D:/some_other_path/scene2/ as resource paths, but it will not be if you specify C:/some_path/ and D:/some_other_path/ as resource paths.

Well, it will work. But the problem is that the scenes should know where they are located.
There can be
In that case the resource directories will be “C:/” and “D:/” and the scenes will reference to the materials by “some_path/scene/material.xml” and “some_other_path/scene/material.xml” paths. It makes imposible to move the scenes to another location.

There is a related discussion on -
It is a pity that a simple approach with relative paths that works on the web is not implemented in Urho3D.

If I understood question correctly and if scene folders have different names (for example scene1 and scene2), you can specify C:/some_path/ and D:/some_other_path/ as resource folders, then scene1 can acess its material as scene1/material.xml and scene2 can acess its material as scene2/material.xml.

The task is to implement a Urho3D scenes viewer which can play multiple scenes at the same time.
The paths to the scenes are specified via an open file dialog and, of course, can be arbitrary.