My driving game

Hi everyone! I want to show some of my earlier work in vehicle physics simulation. The transmission part of the simulation has all real features like dependence of torque on rpm or clutch friction force. The game world is fully open with dynamic resource management and assets streaming.

Very nice! Tons of popping but I understand this is early WIP. Populating a large game world is insane though (at least in an interesting way), do you have artists in your team?

Yes, our team at the moment consists of 2 members (programmer and artist). We have a lot of plans that we will try to realize. The scene from the video is only for tests. Currently we are working on completely new one.

We also working on the multiplayer part of the game. At the moment it supports full-feature vehicle synchronization with a suspension simulator on the client’s side. This short video demonstrates some of new sync features:


That’s some good looking roads. Splines?

We use the GTA approach when world consists of thousands objects. Currrently there are more than 350000 objects.