My first Urho3D Game - Table Tennis Demo

Hi, just to show you a little demo of my first Urho3D game. It is very much a work in progress. I built it based on the Character Demo and copied and paste a lot from other samples as well. I guess that is the best way to learn Urho3D. This is however a fun experience. I am happy I chose Urho3D to start learning C++ game development as a hobby. I think it is the best game engine for the Linux platform.

The next step, there are a few things I have in mind to add a behavior tree to make the NPC a bit more intelligent and some animation for the player’s racket movement to make more realistic and fun. The score board is just a plain text and will be replaced with some art work in the future.

I posted the demo video and the source code below. I just started few months ago and don’t know much about the Urho3D API yet. Don’t be surprise if you found the APIs in the program are not used right way to use. Any advise for me to make the game more interesting and realistic is highly appreciated!

I posted the demo in YouTube:

I also posted the source code and data asset in github:

The game assets are not my work. I purchased them