.NET Bindings for Urho



We recently did some bindings for .NET for Urho and they support C# and F#.

Since this is my first post on the forum, I was Our bindings to Urho are available here:


And we have ported the Urho samples to C# as well to test the binding, and added a few of our own:


In the .NET world it is common to publish the code in the form of a NuGet package, it ships with binaries for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and tvOS and we have nade it available here:


We also wrote some introductory documents for people in the .NET world to Urho:

developer.xamarin.com/guides/cro … roduction/

We published some C# API documentation based on Urho’s documentation and our own writing and it is available here:


Our community is usually on the Xamarin forums, so we opened a dedicated forum here:


Happy new year!


Nice to see such a famous person on the our forum :slight_smile:


This is a wonderful development and a great news… Urho3D is now accessible to a host of .NET developers


It is really nice with cool additional features. I am trying to backport the actions to Urho3D C++ do I have to obey any license restrictions?


Hi Miguel,

It’s great to see .Net support for Urho3D, thank you for the contribution.

I’ll have to experiment with Python.NET inside of Maya to see if I can access Urho from there, this could be great for tools development!

Kind regards


The code is MIT, so you can just copy/paste/translate the code, you only need to keep the credit about the original code (Xamarin Inc)


No linux support?


There is linux support for Xamerian Studio if you are developing on linux.

Just do not expect to be able to deploy to Linux.

Details in this report. Link


I made a really bare bone WinForms project for VS2015 for Urhosharp here:




This is much more useful now that Xamarin is open-source. :slight_smile:



We have released an update to UrhoSharp, it tracks Urho up to the version from May 21st, with this hash:


The release notes are here:

forums.xamarin.com/discussion/67 … sed#latest

Someone had asked previously about support for Urho on UWP, it now also works there.


For users here interested to use .NET c# Urho3d for e.g. windows 10 mobile (UWP through D3D11), do share your interest in this thread so we could see that happens soon. Great job for bring .NET to urho3D