New 3d game released

This week I have released my new 3d game, Radical Car 3D, you can download it at

For now it just is a demo, so welcome any suggestions from you. Thank you very much.

Hey man I Installed your demo but it hangs. When I start the game there is black screen for 10 seconds then a car drops from the sky the timer resets to 0 and then nothing, can’t move can’t do anything. Also the performance look very bad when the car drops.

What type device you test on? Did you see the Play menu when the car dropped on the ground?
Can you tell me your phone’s screen resolution?

ps: In some devices, the car’s shadow will drop the game’s fps.

Hey man I can’t see the menu my test phone is Xperia Play .

Okey, I have updated the game, fixed the menu not showing bug, and disabled the shadow for the car. :smiley: