New kid on the block: The-Forge

Looks like an high-level platform for rendering… Vulkan, Dx12, Metal…
Just exploring for now… but it’s pesky:

INFO: [initRenderer] Current Gpu Name: Intel Iris Graphics

INFO: [initRenderer] Current Gpu Vendor ID: 0x8086

INFO: [initRenderer] Current Gpu Model ID: 0x0a2e

Failed: (pRenderer->pActiveGpuSettings->mGpuVendorPreset.mPresetLevel >= GPU_PRESET_LOW)

File: /Users/max/Developer/Library/Gaming/The-Forge/Common_3/Renderer/Metal/
Line: 1082

ERROR: [initRenderer] Selected GPU has an office Preset in gpu.cfg

ERROR: [initRenderer] Office Preset is not supported by the Forge

“Your specs are too low. Sorry” :grimacing:

Gotta get a Nvidia multi rack for kaggles… :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket: wait for me…