New Logo / Icon

I thought that Urho3D could use a logo/icon that uses flat design, so here is my attempt, with a few variants.

[color=#FF8000][size=150]Here is the link for the .zip containing the .xcf and .psd files.[/size] :slight_smile:[/color]

Made in gimp using paths. The original is 512x512 in size, but the paths can be scaled so it can be made larger if needed (for a loading screen or something).


Also worth mentioning that I had thought about making a new flat logo for Urho before, but wasn’t sure exactly what it should look like. Then I recently saw this:

Screenshot from Obduction

Thought it wasn’t far off from what would make a good logo, and felt compelled to follow through with my idea.

what about something like this:

Not entirely sure what you are getting at with that last image, but here is another variant that is similar.

Flat design is pretty flexible, and a perfect starting point for endless variations.

Grabbed that font from font squirrel, in case anyone cares.

this some kind neutral icon, I think need more aggression for first impression

On russian forum we had this variant xD

awesome xD

Nice efforts!

DropBox is a frequent choice: large bandwidth limit, basically-direct download links, integration.

[quote=“1vanK”]On russian forum we had this variant xD

Feel silly, forgetting dropbox like that. lol

Here is the link for the .zip containing the .xcf and .psd files.

Also put it in the original post. Feel free to make your own variations!

Obviously it’s up to the community and Urho’s project maintainers if they want to adopt it as the logo, or some derivation. For the sake of clarity, I don’t personally care about licencing or credit/attribution for the logo, it’s a gift/contribution to the Urho community. So any rights to this logo now belong to Urho’s project maintainers. And as far as I care, anyone can use it for any Urho3D related projects can feel free to modify/distribute/whatever. I personally prefer that it only be used in connection with Urho3D, but since I’m giving my rights to it away, it’s not my call. Enjoy.

There was a similar thread a long time ago.

Made this and added it to

Well, that looks nice and stylish!

I’m not fully sure about readability, but then again, a logo doesn’t necessarily need to be “read”. And this one can if you know what you’re looking for.

Why is it a fish, anyway?
I like it, but… why is it that way? :smiley:

I like the last one.

I like Modanung’s varian too. Stylized text “Urho3D” is cool

I think it is a bit unreadable. Technically a logo doesn’t need to be over the top. If you look at some of the most popular engines their logos are using classic fonts.

I could almost swear I can still see Urho (albeit a very dead one) from the outline, great job.

The greatest thing in this logo is that it is simultaneously nice image of fish and readable… almost readable text.
Usually such logos suffer from significant distorsion either image or text. This logo doesn’t.
I mean, image is not distorted by text and recognized as image firstly. At the other hand, text is also recognizeable and almost didn’t lose its form.

May be with black outline text is more readable?

This logo is surprisingly (black) metallish, great work!

And since the fish has been dead many years it’s appropriate you see the bones :slight_smile:

I’d really like to see this logo at the beginning of a game splash. Looks so good! Great work!

Modanung, could you do an official version of the larger logo (ie. with Urho3D text) with black outline? Perhaps have the background transparent so that it’s easy to compose where required.