New physics engine: Chrono?

I just came across this physics engine:

Looks pretty bad ass. I will most likely take a stab at a basic implementation in the coming weeks - will post more if it turns out.

Are there any demos or videos on Chrono?

Looks interesting. There seem to be a few videos here: :slight_smile:

I would first test the demos against bullet in terms of speed. It is looks like is geared toward scientific simulations rather than games.

Looks good, but what computer must have to run? Run on an ordinary PC or just on a NASA comuter?

Thanks for the link.

Going along with what sabotage said, it does look more geared towards academia and research. Which, most often, means it’s not designed w/ game engine in mind but designed for testing something very specific.

True, but more and more physics for science and physics for games are the same thing. What really got me interested in Chrono is the multithread collision detection via OpenMP, Thrust, or other.

That is really interesting, indeed. I’ll have to thumb through their code and see how they’re doing that when I have some time.

Interesting but is there already a port on mobile and web?